San Francisco bay area, California, USA
formerly Unholy Cadaver

the band
Janis Tanaka (also Fireball Ministry, later P!nk): bass, vocals (1996?-2002?)
Jamie Myers (ex-Like Flies on Flesh, South Mouth): bass, vocals (2003-)
Sigrid Sheie (ex-Menstrual Tramps): organ, piano, vocals, etc. (2003-)
John Cobbett (also Ludicra): guitar, vocals
Chewy Marzolo: drums
Mike Scalzi: guitar, vocals

partial discography
The Bastard full-length (Tumult 2001)
The August Engine full-length (Cruz del Sur/Tumult 2003)

further reading
The band's own webpage. Hella mp3's, yay!

TumulT page about HoM, including some links to interviews which I am too lazy to snag and put here. But you can click just as well as I can.

good heavens
I saw Hammers of Misfortune play live last night. The first song sounded like Thin Lizzy, the second kind of black metal, and by the third (heroic-sounding epic) I didn't know what the fuck to think. Three of four band members had leather pants on, and the fourth had a pointy-shouldered leather jumpsuit unzipped to her waist. We had harmony guitars. We had circular headbanging. We had back-and-forth guitar neck action, and freaky eye-rolling at the audience (and a sense of humor, thank god). I have no idea if they come across on record at all, but they were sure as hell great onstage. They don't sound too much like Manowar but they kinda scratch the same itch (unless your Manowar itch involves oiled-up muscleheads in fur briefs). Rad.
Update: they do indeed come across on record, at least on The Bastard. Ain't heard the new one yet but I can't wait.

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