late 1990's-

the band
Emily J. Burton: guitar
Janis Tanaka (also Hammers of Misfortune): bass
James A. Rota II: guitar, vocals
John Oreshnick: drums

partial discography
FMEP full-length (Small Stone 2001)
Ou est la Rock? full-length (Bong Load 1999)
split 7" with Fatso Jetson (Cattleprod/Meteor City singles club)
at least one track on Right in the Nuts Aerosmith tribute coll. (Small Stone 2000)
"Cough/Cool" on Graven Images Misfits tribute coll. (Freebird)
"Fortunes" on Blue Explosion Blue Cheer tribute coll. (Black Widow)

further reading
The band's own website - tres red.

Fireball Ministry at the BNR Metal Pages (thanks, Brian).

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