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The radio station I work for, the host of this page, and the (indirect) cause of this project. I'm not doing a regular show these days, but I'm still around. Nobody ever really leaves KZSU....
I did a women in metal special in December 2000 as part of KZSU's annual metal marathon - here's a playlist.

The coolest thing you ever saw! Search engine interface to a few thousand independent record stores around the world. Here you can find lots of the bands on this page.
Music-only auction site - a good source for the more obscure hardcorey stuff you can't find on GEMM.

The Crass Menagerie - monthly email zine containing more metal, grind, hardcore and punk reviews and interviews than you can shake a stick at. The sort of stuff that makes you want to read it whether or not you care a fig about the record or band in question. CM is great, and free, and friendly, and they let us reprint their reviews - go see em already!

Guillotine - 314 79th St. #8E, Brooklyn NY, 11209 USA,
NY zine w/an ongoing feature on women in hardcore (starting with issue #17). Good stuff if you can getcher hands on it - I haven't seen any issue past May 1999, but I think it's still around.... Wendy Eager, editor.

Bast - 334 Hyde St. #2, San Francisco CA, 94109,
"Covering the best in the extreme music underground and all things sick in life." If Martha Hughes (the editor of this zine) and I met each other on a bad day, we'd probably hate each other. Still, the zine is good stuff, and there's been an interview w/a band with a female member in every issue I've seen so far....

That's right, women in hardcore and straightedge! Bout damn time.
The Les Filles du Metal webring. Peep a random site, or the full list of sites, or join the ring.
The Grrlbands Webring! A short but solid list of sites (which is much better than a huge unwieldy one, really) and lots more than just heavy music. Wanna join?
Amazing photo archive of women in punk and metal. Check out Adrienne singing with Aus Rotten! Yeeeah.
Endemoniada - a women-in-heavy-music webzine.
Metal Maidens, "dedicated to all women in (Hard)Rock and (Heavy)Metal." They too have a list of every woman ever in a metal band (as well as some lovely Boris Vallejo art) but I think their definition of metal is different from mine.... Still quite worth a look.
"You are an Hard-Rock, atmospheric metal, progressive doom and beautiful voices fan and you want to know more about great women singer. Good news for you, you're at the good place!"
Another list of every woman in a metal band (again, defined a bit different...). Heavy on the atmospheric stuff, but whatever floats your boat, ja? Good info, and updated fairly often.
Not a women-in-metal site, exactly, but women in music in general, and there's some heavy bands on here (Birtha, Fanny, Girlschool) along with the Slits, Go-Go's and Bikini Kill. Pretty rad.
Female drummer news, featuring a list of the top 200 female drummers ever (click ye "Newsletter"), and Roz is promising the top 300 soon. By what criteria, I don't know, and there are some things I'd argue with here (Evelyn Glennie only #101? and where's the drummer from Stinking Lizaveta?) - but mostly I'm just in awe that somebody in this world can name 200 female drummers. Right fucking on.

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