Every time I write a list of the bands I think you should listen to first, I start re-editing it immediately, and then in a couple months I want to take it down and tear it up. Usually I don't even bother to post em.

But hey, maybe you'd appreciate some (strongly biased) suggestions even if I'm going to contradict myself all over the place, so here you go. You should know that I am not very fond of symphonic metal, nu-metal, stupid lyrics, or heavy stuff with melodic vocals, and that I have perhaps too much affection for German metalcore, that eastern Canadian sound, and anything that smells even slightly of d-beat.

Right now, mid-September 2005:
I am listening to the not-out-yet (but-keep-your-eyes-out-for-it) Terror Firma EP over and over and over, and the CD that came with the "women" issue of Short, Fast + Loud zine, and Saros. (And lots of Tears for Fears, but, um, I don't see how that's any of your business. Ahem.)

Summer-fall 2003:
This is a column I wrote for the "women" issue of Short, Fast + Loud zine, a fine fine publication you should really check out at some point. Jeb Branin of the Crass Menagerie, a stand-up gentleman if ever there was one, asked me to guest-write (thanks again, Jeb!), and, incapable of producing any sort of grand philosophical rumination on gender and guitars, I freaked out and just made a lot of lists. Very focused on metal, since that's what Jeb's column is about, but I managed to sneak in some other sub-genres. Now that the issue is sold out, here is the column fa free.

Long time ago:
And this is the first-ever Where to Start list, which I wrote in about 1999. I still love all these bands, though I don't necessarily consider them the most important bands to start with anymore, and I'm not sure some of them belong on the list at all (the Gits were never metal, and Garmarna has gotten really cozy with the synthesizers on their last couple albums). But, you know, historical interest.

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