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Oakland, California, USA

the band
Christy Cather: vocals/guitar
Laurie Sue Shanaman: vocals
John Cobbett (also Hammers of Misfortune): guitar
Ross Sewage: bass
Aesop: drums

partial discography
demo 2000
Hollow Psalms full-length (Life is Abuse 2002)

further reading
The band's own website - words, show dates, fliers, photos.

Mp3s! (Well, duh.) Features song-by-song commentary. Also their wiggly logo, which I dig tremendously.

A review of their demo tape from Necrosis mag.

I heart Ludicra so much
Like the man below says, "finally some black metal worth a damn." No keyboards or corpsepaint, just riffs and catchy creepyness and screams to freeze the blood in your very veins. Oh my yes.

a review of their demo
Bart writes in Crass Menagerie #97:
"A little birdie, who's initials are P.P.P., plopped this tape in my grubby hands. It's a black metal project that features some of the members from Impaled. What I heard on the tape was some impressive beginnings of a solid album. The band writes some long songs, but they move along at a fierce clip. The band does sound like a slower tempo version of early Satyricon, with less emphasis on the folk aspect that Satyricon was known for. The band is probably going to hate me for this, but they kinda sound like early Cradle of Filth too, but without all the vampire goofiness. From what I hear, the band isn't all about Ol' Scratch with the lyrics. Since they are not dwelling on Satan all the time, that opens the debate whether this is really black metal at all, but I'll just leave that for the anal retentive folks and enjoy the music for what it is. The vocals are my favorite aspect of the band. There are two female vocalists, and they both absolutely go apeshit. There is none of this pretty, clean, female vocals nonsense, just pure hatred vomiting forth. If I'm not mistaken, the birdy said some of this material is slated to be released. So be on the lookout for some wicked black metal worth a damn."

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