Glendale, CA, USA
circa 1988

All I know about Hardly Dangerous is from one tiny snippet in Metal Forces #32 (October 1988), in Kelv Hellrazer's glam/AOR column. Right under a smashing picture of a band called Brunette (unbelievably, all male - you would be even more incredulous if you saw the photo), it says:

"All-girl rockers Hardly Dangerous are on the verge of getting signed, whilst not far off down the line are Dr. Starr who are bouncing them off the LA walls. HARDLY DANGEROUS, 1028 Western Avenue #14, Glendale CA, 91201, USA."

Much good may the address do you (and does he mean to imply that Dr. Starr are gals too?). Of course lemme know if you know anything about this band....

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