formerly One Threw Seven
Portland, Oregon, USA

the band
Emily (also the Moments): guitar, vocals
sts (also Cadallaca, the Moments, ex-Lookers): drums, vocals

partial discography
I've Been Sick 7" (Heartcore)
"Feminist Bullshit" on New Women's Music Sampler 1999 coll (Mr. Lady 1999)
A Bike City Called Greasy CD (Mr. Lady 2000)
No Future CD (Mr. Lady 2001)

further reading
The Haggard at Heartcore Records.

Tremendous two-woman Portland band - Emily on guitar, sts on drums, and they both growl/howl/scream. Punk Rawk and fan tastic.

And: I'm just listening to their (brand new) second full length right now and damn it's great! A fuller sound - multi-tracking, maybe? they don't credit any guests and they're still just a 2-piece - and longer songs and occasionally they almost sound emoey. But still with the punk/crust/hardcore of before. Fuck yeah.

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