the deal, from Scottscum (thanks Scottscum)

"All I can tell you is that they were a uk anarchpunk band in the early to mid 80s. I saw em in 1986 when i was 14 and they were really good. They were a four piece - a guy drummer and a guy bass player, a really thin indian girl on guitar who looked like she might snap at any minute, and a very heavily busted girl with crimped hair on vocals. I remember that they were good, and that they'd stolen a tub of lollipops from the happy eater on the motorway en route to the gig, which they then showered the audience with.

"Well, I hope that gives you a slight idea about them. They did a few tracks for Mortorhate compilation albums in the early 80's and a mini 6 track lp in 85. The only tracks i remember from this were 'idolisation' and 'cardboard theatre'. I've got stuff lying about somewhere - probably buried under tons of crap.

"And no I dont know why they were called hagar the womb."

And then Tim (thanks Tim) sent me the singer's email address, so I'll have more up here as soon as I muster up the nerve to write....

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