the band
Ana: guitar
Lugubrious: vocals
Luisma: guitar
Ramon: bass
Jose: drums (1990-1996)
Rojas: drums (1996-)

partial discography
Grotesque Embryopathology demo (1992)
demo (1994)
double-vinyl split EP with Christ Denied (Morbid 1994)
Emetic Cult full-length (Morbid 1994)
split tape with Exhumed (Deliria 1995)
Scalper, Scissors and Other Forensic Instruments demo promo tape (Ironia 1995/6)
Grume full-length (Morbid 1996)
Grind Over Europe '96 3-way split tape w/Clotted Symmetric Sexual Organs and Dead Infection
Promo '98 promo tape (1998)
The Cadaverous Carnival split 7" with Denak (Upground 1998)
Surgery for the Dead split 7" with Groinchurn (Morbid 1998)
Anatomical Inferno full-length (Morbid 1998)
split 7" with Ingrowing (Copremesis/Shindy 1999)

further reading
The band's own webpage, with way more detailed bio/discography info than is here....

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