Kimberly Goss is a singer/keyboardist who's done a lot of session work as well as being a permanent member of Ancient and Sinergy. Besides the below, I've also heard she's done work for Cradle of Filth - anybody know for sure?

partial discography
Ancient - Trolltar EP (1995)
Ancient - The Cainan Chronicles full-length (1996)
Ancient - Mad Grandiose Bloodfiends full-length (1997)
Children of Bodom - Hatebreeder full-length (Spinefarm 1998)
Children of Bodom - Tokyo Warhearts full-length (Spinefarm 1999)
Sinergy - Beware the Heavens full-length (Nuclear Blast 1999)
Sinergy - To Hell and Back full-length (Nuclear Blast 2000)
Eternal Tears of Sorrow - Chaotic Beauty (Spinefarm 2000)
Dimmu Borgir - no recordings (that I know of)
also Avernus, Therion (details currently unknown to me...)

further reading
Kim has done *so* much work, I find it hard to believe that there isn't a Kimberly Goss Fan Page out there somewhere with a bio and better discography than mine. If you know of one, please drop me a line!

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