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the band
Kimberly Goss (ex-Ancient, also session): vocals
Jesper Strömblad (also In Flames): guitar (1997-1999)
Sharlee D'Angelo (ex-Mercyful Fate): bass (1997-1999)
Alex Laiho (also Children of Bodom): guitar
Ronny Milianowicz: drums (1997-1999)
Roope Latvala: guitar (1999-)
Marco Hietala: bass (1999-)
Tommi Lillman: drums (1999-)

partial discography
Beware the Heavens full-length (Nuclear Blast 1999)
To Hell and Back full-length (Nuclear Blast 2000)

further reading
Sinergy at their record label, Nuclear Blast. (Note: I had to do some stuff to get it to link right, so if you want navigation, just go to the main label site linked in the discography up there...).

A review of Beware the Heavens.

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