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Kimberly Goss (later Sinergy, also session): vocals (1995-1997?)
Erichte: vocals (1997?-1998)
Deadly Kristin: vocals (1998-)
Aphaezel: guitar
Grimm: vocals/drums (1992-1995)
Lord Kaiaphas (1995-)
Kjetil: drums (1995-1998)
Jesus Christ: guitar/keyboards (1997-)
Krisge (1998-): drums
Dhilorz: bass (1998-)
GroM: drums (1998-)

partial discography
Eerily Howling Winds demo
Svartalvheim full-length (Listenable 1994)
Det Glmente Riket 7" (1994)
Trolltaar EP (Damnation 1995)
The Cainian Chronicle full-length (1996)
Mad Grandiose Bloodfiends full-length (1997)
The Halls of Eternity full-length (1999)
God Loves the Dead mini-CD (2000)
Proxima Centauri full-length (Metal Blade 2001)

further reading
The band's own webpage - lots of information, though sometimes you have to dig a bit.

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