New York, NY, USA
aka Katherine Thomas

the band
the Great Kat: guitar
(does it even matter who else is in the band?)

partial discography
Worship Me or Die! full-length
Beethoven on Speed full-length (1996)
Guitar Goddess full-length (1997)
Bloody Vivaldi full-length (1998)
Rossini's Rape full-length

further reading
The official Great Kat website. It's garish and loud and pretty much perfect for Kat. Um, the Great Kat. Ma'am.

in case you didn't quite get it
The Great Kat is, like, the only female guitar wanker ever - faster and more classical than Yngwie even - as a matter of fact, she is "the world's fastest guitarist and the only composer to combine classical music with heavy-metal and incredible speed!" She also has a thing for black eye makeup, bondage gear and fake blood. At least, I'm pretty sure it's fake. I'm scared as hell of the Great Kat and you all should be too.

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