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Göttingen, Germany

the band
Sandra Nasic: vocals
Stefan Ude: bass
Dennis Poschwatta: drums
Henning Rümenapp: guitar

partial discography
Open Your Eyes EP (Super Sonic 1997)
Proud Like a God full-length (Super Sonic 1997)
Lords of the Boards single (Super Sonic 1997)
Rain single (Super Sonic 1998)
Open Your Eyes remix EP (Super Sonic 1998)
Rain remix EP (Super Sonic 1998)
Proud Like a God picture disk (Super Sonic 1998)
Don't You Turn Your Back On Me EP (Super Sonic 1999)
Big in Japan EP (Super Sonic 2000)
Don't Give Me Names full-length (Super Sonic 2000)
No Speech single (Super Sonic 2000)
Living in a Lie EP (Super Sonic 2000)
Dödel Up single (Super Sonic 2001)

further reading
The band's official website, in English and German.

Their record label's website, auf Deutsch. Some band info if yer that way inclined.

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