Halloo! And welcome to the list. Here we're attempting to collect info on every woman who's ever been a permanent member of a heavy band - but we also have individual listings for women who've done large amounts of session work for heavy bands, and women who've done non-band things to advance the cause.

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New band pages: Blacken the Skies, Catharsis, Dea Tacita, Ereshkigal, Estuary, Flowers in the Attic, Landmine Marathon, Light This City, Requiem, $uicide $olution.
Recently updated: Ashes, Garden of Shadows, Ice, Mythic.
Last update 11.27.2005. Band count: 631.

In case the date above doesn't make it obvious, the list is no longer being updated. Aside from the information here, there are hundreds of other bands waiting in the queue that never got added, plus all the new bands that have come into existence in the ten years since the last real update. Some kind of wiki would be a good new incarnation of the site. Would you like to take over? Drop me a line at greatestmusiceverrecorded (anarchysymbol) gmail dottttcom.

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