Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

the band
Terri Heggen (ex-Derketa): drums
Dana Duffey (later Demonic Christ): guitar, vocals
Mary Bielich (ex-Derketa, Wormhole, Penance, November's Doom, Master Mechanic, later Em Sinfonia): bass

partial discography
The Immortal Realm 7-song demo
Mourning in the Winter Solstice 7" (Relapse)

further reading
Mythic bio/postmortem, including an account of the scuffles surrounding re-releases of Mythic material, from Dana's point of view.

An anonymous KZSU reviewer (Organ Donor?) says about the 7":
"Slowcore done by 3 females. This is musically pretty good. There are some good riffs that are pretty catchy. There are some good speed variations as well as good chord changes. in the vein of Grief but again, not as oppressive. Voice is a deep growl. Very cool. The other female slowcore band that is out there is 13 but they're not as accomplished as these women. Funny, the intro is on Side B."

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