Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA

the band
Mary: guitar
Brian: guitar
Chad: vocals
Sean: bass
Bret: drums
and apparently Zdenka of Estuary had something to do with this band as well

partial discography
Heart of the Corona demo (1996)
Heart of the Corona EP (X-Rated 1998)
Oracle Moon full-length (Wicked World/Earache 2000)
"Lovely Cold" on Eat the Evidence vol. 2 coll (Mortal Coil)
"Apollonian Realm" on Sometimes Death is Better box set coll (Shiver)

further reading
Official band website.

a review of Oracle Moon
Bart, writing in the Crass Menagerie:
"I was very happy to hear that this hard working band got picked up by Wicked World/Earache records. Garden of Shadows had been slowly plotting its course in the U.S. as one of the more original acts we could claim as our own. After re-releasing their solid demo, Heart of the Corona, on X-Rated Records, it garnered tons of attention from fanzines throughout the underground. This full-length album continues their concoction of death metal and doom, and they pull it off quite convincingly. The mixtures of heavy, down tuned wall of death riffs, keyboards and ungodly low guttural vocals makes for a bleak picture that all doom fans can revel in. The death metal fans are going to appreciate many of the same things, but the music doesn't drag on so long that the speed freaks get bored. It's emotionally heavy music, and the songs wear you down. That's pretty easy considering all of the songs clock in at over eight minutes in length. Their musical ability also shines because the band always finds way to add a technical flare to the music that lends itself to Swedish death somewhat. I know the band is also a fan of old Nightfall, and I can see a resemblance there as well. I can't find much in the way of negative things to say about this album, other than I hope Wicked World doesn't let this great band fall through the cracks. This band deserves all the success they get."

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