Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
circa the end of the century

the band
the vocalist was a woman
and the rest were I think all men? and some of them went on to be in a band called 19/19

partial discography
S/T 7" (Outlaws Not Robbers/Technicians of the Sacred 1999)
split 10" with Infinity Dive (Technicians of the Sacred/Sociopath 1998)

everything I know about Ereshkigal, I know from Kyle (thank you Kyle!), who says:
"They played a form of incredibly ferocious and brutal death metal/hardcore hybrid. All of their lyrics were incredibly violent about killing, maiming, and blood. They released a 7" and a split 10" with Infinity Dive before breaking up. . . Some of their members went on to form a band named 19/19. The female vocalist was never in a band again even though she probably had the most intense vocals I have ever heard on a woman before."

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