New Jersey, USA

the band
Lisa Bouchelle: vocals (1998-2000)
Tracy McShane: vocals (2000-)
Bill Berends: guitar, synth, vocals
Rich Berends: drums
Tim Spillane: bass

partial discography
Mastermind Volume One full-length (ZNR 1990)
Volume Two "Brainstorm" full-length (ZNR 1992)
Volume Three "Tragic Symphony" full-length (Prozone/Dutch East 1995)
Volume Four "Until Eternity"> full-length (Prozone/Dutch East 1996)
Live in Tokyo tour record (1997)
Excelsior! full-length (InsideOut/SPV 1999)
Prog, Fusion, Metal, Leather and Sweat live full-length (StellarVox 2000)
Angels of the Apocalypse full-length (InsideOut 2000)
one track on Cyclops Sampler 3 (1996)

further reading
The band's own webpage.

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