the band
Maria-Stella Fountoulakis: vocals
Greg Massi: guitar
Jason Bitner: trumpet and horns
O.J. Mask: guitar
Jason Byron: vocals
Tobias Driver: bass and vocals
Sam Gutterman: drums
Terran Olson: keyboards and winds
Josh Seipp-Williams: guitar

partial discography
My Fruit Psychobells:... a seed combustible full-length (Dark Symphonies 2000)

further reading
The band's own webpage (including helpful definition of "maudlin" for those of you unclear on the idea).

a review of My Fruit Psychobells...
Simon Thibaudeau, from issue #90 of the fine Crass Menagerie zine:
"Can you believe that I have no idea what to make of this album? I have been reviewing for a few years now and I have to admit that I have not been so unable to say what an album is really about. MAUDLIN OF THE WELL have been able to totally confuse me like I have not been in many years, I am usually a very grounded, logical person. MATW are weird as you can be while being very limited in their exploration. Let me clarify that, they are using very different song structure and unusual instruments but they stay within a doom-goth-death frame, unlike another weird band like Mr Bungle who one minute will play ska then the next metal then whatever they feel like. Maudlin of the Well are different in a very Neurosis way but in a totally different context, instead of hardcore they are doom. They use clean, male and female, as well as death vocals very efficiently. I have a very hard time knowing if I like it or not. The novelty aspect is very interesting but I am not sure that the music really appeals to me, even after many listens. There are some very nice melodies and decent heavy riffs but I am not sure it all fits."

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