Oss, Netherlands

the band
Marike Groot: vocals (1992)
Martine van Loon (ex-Orphanage, later Lords of the Stone: vocals (1992-1993)
Anneke van Giersbergen: vocals (1993?-)
Frank Boeijen: keyboards, samples
Hugo Prinsen Geerlings: bass
Hans Rutten: drums, percussion, loops
René Rutten: guitar
Bart Smits: vocals (1989-1992)
Niels Duffhues: vocals (1992)
Jelmer Wiersma: guitar (1989-1998)

partial discography
An Imaginary Symphony rehearsal tape (1990)
Moonlight Archer demo (1991)
Always... full-length (Foundation 2000 1992)
Almost a Dance full-length (Foundation 2000 1993)
Mandylion full-length (Century Media 1995)
Strange Machines mini-CD (Century Media 1995)
"Adrenaline"/"Leaves" single (Century Media 1996)
"The May Song" single (Century Media 1997)
Nighttime Birds full-length (Century Media 1997)
Kevin's Telescope mini-CD (Century Media 1997)
Liberty Bell mini-CD (Century Media 1998)
How to Measure a Planet? full-length (Century Media 1998)
Superheat live album (Century Media 2000)
Rollercoaster mini-CD (Century Media 2000)
if_then_else full-length (Century Media 2000)
"Amity" single (Century Media 2001)

further reading
The band's own website - exhaustive and nice to look at, too.

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