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the band
Sarcana: keyboards (1994-1997)
Sanrabb: guitar, vocals
Dolgar: guitar, vocals (1993-2000)
Sir Vereda: drums (1993)
Dirge Rep: drums (1993-1997)
Svartalv: bass (1993-1996)
Noctifer: bass (1996)
E.N. Death: bass (1996-2000)
Blod: drums (1997-)
Damien: keyboards (1998-1999)
Nekro: guitar (2000-)
Amok: bass (2001-)

partial discography
Black Seared Heart demo (self-released 1993)
Ancestors of the Darkly Sky 7" (Necromantic Gallery 1993)
First Spell EP (Head Not Found 1994)
Seen Through the Walls of Darkness full-length (Cacaphonous 1995)
Malice full-length (Cacaphonous 1996)
Black Seared Heart re-release w/bonus tracks (Holycaust 1996)
Adimiron Black full-length (1998)

further reading
Official Gehenna website!

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