the Netherlands

the band
Martine van Loon (later the Gathering, Lords of the Stone): vocals (1994-1996)
Rosan van der Aa: vocals (1996-)
George Oosthoek: vocals
Lex Vogelaar (ex-Target): guitar (1994-2000)
Guus Eikens: keyboards (1994-2000, guitar (2000-)
Eric Hoogendoorn: bass (1994-2000)
Erwin Polderman: drums (1994-2000-)
Sureel: drums (2000-)
Remko van der Spek: bass (2000-)
Lasse Dellbrügge: keyboards (2000-)

partial discography
Morph demo (self-released 1993)
Druid demo (self-released 1994)
Oblivion full-length (DSFA 1995)
By Time Alone full-length (DSFA 1996)
At the Mountains of Madness mini-CD (DSFA 1997)
Inside full-length (Nuclear Blast 2000) two songs on Paradise of the Underground compilation CD (DSFA 1994)
two songs on Book Seven compilation CD (DSFA 1998)

further reading
"This is not 'The Official Orphanage Website'. But who cares, still you will find a lot of information regarding the Dutch metal band Orphanage."

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