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In the center of it all

Hello everyone, Red West here. I'm a lover and a fighter and I love to DJ.

Sometimes I host a second show- check out the clandestine overnight "Goodnight Moon" from 3-6 AM the occasional monday nite/tues morn. All sorts of interesting album sides while the moon is spinning its reel.

You can be reminded via email to tune in a few minutes before the show starts- send email to and ask to be put on the Red Radio and/or Goodnight Moon reminder list. The Goodnight Moon list will also give you some advance warning as to what the theme is so you can plan ahead.

See these Playlists Available On-Line. There was an embryonic podcast feed, but now I just try to maintain some recent archives, email if you want'em!

Here's a list of musical genres to help you classify what you're hearing.

I will never have a *killer cool webpage*. That is a good thing. Who, other than web designers, really likes all that stuff (java beans, AJAX, frames, applets, and megs of flash...) still, a page I have. A few times a year, or once every few years, I add a little. Been accumulating since '95 or maybe '94.

Once upon a time this page said "No show over the summer. I get to wake up at a reasonable hour and go to work on time and well-rested." Well, since then, I've eschewed the 6-9am slots, decided to do shows mostly in the summer, and switched jobs. Has it improved my show any... those morning slots proved that I can DJ in my sleep!

You can still mail me at

Highlights from some past KZSU noisefests:
"I don't have that cat anymore!"(insomnia/playground)
"s ame pl ace.. sa me sp ace.. fl ame f ace.."(day of noise)

Pob hwil
- bed rest

Want a show tape? an offer
list & explian shownames
check out an obsolete rambling diary (music related, from '95) it would have been called a 'blog if that word was invented then.

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Philosopher, humanitarian, author, artist, educator and administrator Red West has served in many ways. In turn, he is quite literally viewed by millions worldwide as mankind's greatest friend: by those now literate and by those who have used his work to regain their dignity, moral strength and self-respect.

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