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Monday, July 28th
ZoeRadio with Zoe @ 1:00pm
Indie pop, alternative rock, punk, and anything else with a great melody and a story to tell. I love great music and great artists, I don't discriminate based on genre. 99% of all...

Global Warming with Don @ 3:00pm
The noise in my head and from around the planet

In The Year One Thousand, Eight Thousand with Telepathic Juan @ 7:00pm
Playing utopian rock music in many languages, forms, and styles, from dark and gloomy to loud and abrasive. New, old, rare, and obscure tracks are featured on this radio show.

Happy Hour with Farmer Flap-Jack @ 10:00pm
Government, in action.

Tuesday, July 29th
It's Bollywood, It's Hollywood with Kamla @ 7:00am
Mixtape of Bollywood songs spiked with jazz, blues, pop + Hollywood films and interviews. All sorts of global influence can be found in Bollywood music tracks ranging from early ja...