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379281_470478266352719_2142108067_nstarting at Ahervey_and_alann699011045_1368775_5263Abode @ Day of Noise 02-12-12Abode @ Day of Noise 02-12-12Our PD sporting the Johnny Carson collection..

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Friday, August 22nd
Deeric Smith filling in for brother brae with Deeric Smith @ 7:00pm
Funky D is filling in for Brother Brae tonight. The Bread Cast Broadcast will resume Friday, August 29th, from 7-9pm.

Urban Innercity Experience with M-SMOOTH @ 9:00pm
Ruff N Rugged Hip Hop with your host M-SMOOTH. From the latest underground joints, to the dusty and dirty old school records from the past, it s an Urban Innercity Experience to ki...

Saturday, August 23rd
BravoMarco Variety Show with BravoMarco @ 12:00am
Music that is currently being played in the BravoMarco household. A variety of genres & counties contributing to the never ending journey into this wonderful world of music

Music Casserole with Eme O. @ 6:00am
Music is the meat, PSAs the vegetables, the DJ a starchy filler. Occasionally, there will be cheese.

blues with a feelin' with Byrd of Paradise @ 9:00am
down in the bottom, out in the field, the old juke joint, reelin' and a rockin', to those greasy sounds, from late at night til' early morn, howlin' at the moon, moanin' at midnigh...