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Coming Up on KZSU

Saturday, November 1st
Music Casserole with Eme O. @ 6:00am
Music is the meat, PSAs the vegetables, the DJ a starchy filler. Occasionally, there will be cheese.

blues with a feelin' with Byrd of Paradise @ 9:00am
from the deepest darkest corners of the human soul,oozing from the cracks in the sidewalk of humanity, like light piercing the darkness, bringing shear enlightenment to all it touc...

Green Copper Radio/Cardinal Importance with SOLMAXION/Caleb Smith @ 12:00pm
Green Copper Radio will be from noon to 2 pm. Cardinal Importance will be from 2 until 3:30.

Cardinal Importance with Caleb Smith @ 3:00pm
Cardinal Importance is a news show that, in addition to regular news, uses radioplays to spotlight current issues. There will also be music. Listen in for coverage of Stanford issu...

Googles Optional with Diego @ 8:00pm