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Contact KZSU


DJ requests650-723-9010


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Snail Mail

KZSU Music (recorded music)
P.O. Box 20510
Stanford, CA 94309-0510
(Please read our music submission guidelines)

KZSU Business (everything else)
P.O. Box 20190
Stanford, CA 94309-0190

UPS address (for UPS/FedEx/etc.)
KZSU, Memorial Hall
540 Memorial Way
Stanford, CA 94305

General Inquiries

public service announcements
psa at (see the PSA guidelines)

concert calendar events
calendar at (view the concert calendar)

press releases
releases at

interview opportunities
interviews at

other general inquiries
info at


Please: while we love email, take a moment to decide which three or fewer addresses (ideally, just one address) are most appropriate to send your inquiry to. Those who blindly send email to everyone below will have their correspondence classified as spam.

Business Director
Maggie Murphy, Noel Tum, and Michael Longoria
business at

Underwriting Director (underwriting info)
Lois Kellerman and Sri Srinivasa
underwriting at

Public Affairs Director
Francis Dickerson
public-affairs at

Events Director
Labiba Boyd and Darlene Franklin
events at

Program Guide Editor
vacant position and Luke Wirth
pg at

Library Director
Francis Dickerson
librarian at

Wednesday Night Live (Booking)
Will Cline
wnl at

Production Director
Matthew Kerolus and A.J. Ferrick
production at

Computing Director
Holt Sorenson and A.J. Ferrick
computingdh at

Mark Mollineaux and A.J. Ferrick
webmaster at

General Manager
Emmerich Anklam
gm at

Assistant General Manager
Alex Muscat
gm at

Program Director
Mark Mollineaux
pd at

Music Director
Bill Cuevas and Zoe Rogers
music at

Sports Director
Michael Peterson and Vihan Lakshman
sports at

News Director
Caleb Smith and Eliza Ridgeway
news at

Chief Engineer
Mark Lawrence
ce at

Training Director (join us!)
McGregor Joyner
ca at

News Training Director (join us!)
Kedar Naik, Eliza Ridgeway
news-training at

Promotions Director (external relations)
Lois Kellerman
promotions at

Publicity Director (on-campus promotions)
Alejandra Salazar and Caleb Smith
publicity-director at