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Public Service Announcements

KZSU accepts public service announcements (PSAs) from nonprofit organizations to be broadcast to our listeners. During normal music programming, DJs make 2 public service announcements per hour, though the precise selection of messages is up to the DJ.

Submission Methods

The best way to submit your announcements is in written format. We love receiving written PSAs through email because it saves typing. You can email them to psa@kzsu.stanford.edu.

We can handle prerecorded announcements, but these take additional time to prepare for our environment (digital cart). We can handle PSAs on CDs, but there is presently no procedure for cataloging and tracking them in our studio.

If desired, announcements can be sent to KZSU through traditional postal mail. Please address these to:

Public Affairs Department
P.O. Box 20190
Stanford, CA 94309

Please do not send us PSAs via fax. They tend to get jumbled with junk faxes, and the Public Affairs staff sees them three weeks after they arrive, if we're lucky.

General Guidelines

Style and Consistency

Additional Notes