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Volunteer at KZSU

We're in constant need of clever hands and creative minds to keep KZSU Radio up and running. Most people want to DJ a music show, but we also need people for news, sports, engineering, public affairs, publicity, promotions, live music, graphic design, and general radioactivity.

No experience is necessary — we'll train you. If you have any questions, please contact the Training Team at to find out more about on-air eligibility requirements.

Informational Meetings

The easiest way to join KZSU, especially if you want to be a music DJ, is to come to one of our quarterly informational meetings. You can learn more about how the station works, and also apply for our free broadcast training course (usually 5 weeks).

When: It's about time to have some more info sessions, but we haven't picked the dates yet.
Do us a favor, please email the Chief Announcer and ask him/her to update this page.
Then go ahead and fill out the application form. Thanks!
Where: KZSU Headquarters, in the basement of Memorial Auditorium on the Stanford campus.
You can view a map complete with parking information.
Why: You can learn how to become involved with the station, get your own show, and (possibly) create your own cult following, overnight!
How: The Low-Down About Joining KZSU