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Want to join KZSU? Here's what you need to know!

The Rough Guide to KZSU

Of course KZSU offers training for those interested in participating at the station! We also have general volunteering opportunities for those who are not interested in becoming an on air personality. Classes are typically held a few weeks after the start of each academic quarter. Total training time is approximately six hours (three hours on a Saturday and Sunday).

Regardless of what you want to do at the station, go ahead and contact our training director for all further inquiries. Specifically, though, you may want to cc someone from the list below:

If you're interested in Stanford sports broadcasting, contact our sports director.

If you'd like to broadcast spoken word, talk, interviews, or news, contact our news training director

(the training email above goes to our music training director)

We hope to hear from you!

KZSU Training Staff