the band
Federica de Boni: vocals
Nick Savio: guitar (1997-)
Alex Mantiero: drums (1995-)
Tony Fonto: guitar
Fabio Pozzato: bass

partial discography
White Skull demo (1991)
Save the Planet demo (1992)
I Won't Burn Alone full-length (Underground Symphony 1995)
Embittered full-length (Underground Symphony 1997)
Asgard EP (Underground Symphony 1999)
Tales From the North full-length (Nuclear Blast 1999)
Public Glory, Secret Agony full-length (Breaker 2000)
at least one song on Nightpieces 4 coll (Dracma 1995)
at least one song on Area Sismica coll (A.M. Songs et Music 1995)

further reading
The band's own website - a bit hard on the eyes, but lots of info.

Interview with Nick at the enticingly-named Ballbuster Hard Music website.

a review
Bart, writing about Public Glory, Secret Agony in the Crass Menagerie:
"Hey I didn't know Lita Ford was back in the music scene. Well, she's not really, but the lady singing for this band sounds A LOT like Lita Ford. Anyway, on to the music itself…I was guessing that this was going to be power metal due to the cheesy album cover, and boy was I not disappointed. I never have been a big fan of power metal unless you wanna throw bands like Nevermore and Iced Earth in the genre. I have to acknowledge the high level of musical ability by the band here. The riffs are intricate and flying all over the place. The band does sound a lot like Hammerfall with a little less Judas Priest influence. There are female vocals in the lead spot for this band instead, and that is a distinguishing factor too. With all that being said, I can't get into this personally. I never have been a big fan of Gamma Ray or Hammerfall type bands. The music here is a little too predictable with its "grandiose" style and overall cheesy delivery. Just not my cup o' tea I guess."

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