the band
Kai: vocals (1995-1996)
Katrin: vocals, tambourine (1996-)
Alan: bass (1995-1996), vocals (1995-1997)
Tönis: guitar
Keijo: guitar
Jaanus: drums (1995-1998)
Anders: bass (1996-1997), vocals (1997-1999)
Raivo: bass (1997-)
Vambola: drums (1998)
Ranno: drums (1999-)
Mart: vocals and jawharp (1999-)
Kristjan: keyboards (1999-2000)

partial discography
Old Forest demo (self-released 1996)
Last Sunset demo (self-released 1996)
Darkest Side demo (self-released 1997)
...So Begins the End CD-R promo (self-released 1998)
Of Shadows and Pale Light CD-R (self-released 1998)
Pale Light 2000 CD-R (self-released 2000)
split with Ningizzia (Pantheon 2000?)

further reading
The band's own webpage - I am a sucker for that shade of green....

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