Ottawa, Canada

Katie (later Countdown to Oblivion): bass
Chantal: vocals
Pete (later Born Dead Icons): drums
Dave (later Dead Man's Right Hand): guitar

partial discography
split 7" with NEMA (Schwarma/Hardcore Noisies 1996)

further reading
The whole story of the band, as told entertainingly (and with visual aids!) by Dave. Dig the rest of his site, why don't you! There's a good Dead Man's Right Hand page too, sporting a picture taken by Nick of thee great Buried Inside, featuring DMRH singer Geoff, formerly of thee great Union of Uranus, which just goes to confirm my ignorant west-coast American suspicions that the east coast of Canada has about seven people in it but that they're all in amazing hardcore bands.

Alls I know about this band, I know from the above website, and from Paul in Ottawa. Thanks, Paul!

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