Toronto, Ontario, Canada

the band
Katie Whittaker (ex-Warfare State, later Rammer): guitar
Stephe Perry: vocals
Jaime Towns (ex-Anti-Flag, later Teen Crud Combo, Ruination): bass
Ryan Blinsky: drums
RJ: guitar
Chris (ex-The Swarm, later Ruination): vocals

partial discography
Brain Surgery for Beginners 7" EP (Deranged Records 2000)
split 7" with They Live (Ugly Pop 2000)
"I'll Do Anything" on Barbaric Thrash Detonation comp (625 2000)
"Open Season on Hecklers, part 3, Lazo in Ireland, part 2" Street Enters the House comp (Fans of Bad Productions)

further reading
Here's CTO at Ugly Pop rekkids - photos! Interview! mp3! Yeah.

commentary and stuff
Oh my, I love this band. Heavy hardcore with Slayer guitars - fast and furious, no wanky time signatures or flurries of extraneous notes. Hella recommended. May be hard to find in areas out of proximity to thee mighty Amoeba Records, but you can always check with Ugly Pop and see if they can help you.

notes from those that knows
Simon from Ugly Pop says: "They broke up last year, but guitarist Katie and her friend Esther started an old school thrash metal band called RAMMER (!); they've played out a bunch and released a stupendous CD demo. I'm not a big metal fan, but they really do shred.

"Jaime from CTO hasn't been slack either. She was also in TEEN CRUD COMBO, and they released a great MOTORHEAD/ZEKE-ish 7" on Black Lung before going on semi-permanent hiatus when guitarist Allysin moved to SF. She's now playing bass in RUINATION with ex-CTO singer Chris yelling and members of LOS CRUDOS and CHARLES BRONSON doing other stuff."

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