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Hoboken, New Jersey, USA

the band
Karyn Kuhl: guitar, vocals
Alice Genese: bass, vocals
Tia Sprocket: drums, backing vocals (1995-1998)
Billy Loose: drums (1991-1995)
Wylie Wirth: drums (1998-)

partial discography
Sexpod 7"
Home EP (GoKart 1994)
Goddess Blues full-length (Slab/CMC 1997)
one track on the Escape from L.A. soundtrack (1996)
one track on the Music from the Edge X-Games coll

further reading
Mistress Liz's Sexpod Page - hard to read with the violet-on-black color scheme (yeah, look who's talking), but there's lots of good info here.

Sexpod interview in Oculus magazine.

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