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Seattle, Washington, USA

the band
Elizabeth Davis (later Clone): bass
Lisa Faye Beatty: guitar (1996-)
Valerie Agnew: drums
Selene Vigil (later Cistine): vocals
Roisin Dunne: guitar (1992-1996)
Stefanie Sargent: guitar (1990-1992)

partial discography
Sick 'Em full-length (C/Z 1992)
Viva Zapata! full-length (C/Z 1994)
Gato Negro full-length (Atlantic 1996)
Antidisestablishmentarianism EP
Sick 'Em ltd. ed. picture disk
Peel Sessions EP (promo-only)
"Lorna"/"No Fucking War"/"You Smell Lonely" single (Rathouse/C/Z)
split with Thatcher on Acid
"Rock a Bye Baby"/"Wide Open Trap" ltd. ed. tour single
"The History of My Future"/"24,900 Miles per Hour" promo CD
"Miss Understood"/"Go!" single
"8 Ball Deluxe" on Kill Rock Stars coll (Kill Rock Stars 1994)
"Dead Men Don't Rape" on There's a Dyke in the Pit coll (Harp 1994)
"The Scratch" on Power Flush coll (Rathouse 1994)
"Kiss My Ass Goodbye" on Seattle Women in Rock coll
"The Scratch" and "Icy Blue" on the Mad Love sdtk (BMG 1995)
"The Scratch" on Take a Lick coll
"M.I.A." on Notes from the Underground coll (Priority 1995)
"Mad Dash" on Home Alive: the Art of Self-Defense coll (Sony 1996)
"Knot" (live) on Hype! sdtk (Sub Pop 1996)
"Rock a Bye" on She's a Rebel coll (Shanachie 1997)
"Shake Appeal" (Iggy Pop cover) on We Will Fall Iggy tribute coll (Royalty 1997)
at least one song on The Year of My Japanese Cousin sdtk

further reading
The band's not around anymore, but this very complete fanpage is. Yay!

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