Aberdeen, Washington/San Francisco, California, USA
early 1980's-

the band
the Lorax (Lori Black) (ex-Clown Alley): bass (1988?-1993)
King Buzzo (Buzz Osborne): guitar, vocals
Dale Crover: drums
Kevin Rutmanis: bass
Note: the bottom three are the current lineup, Lorax was in the band for a few years and they've never had any other female members (thus I abdicate responsibility for detailing their many many lineup changes - check out any of the fanpages below for more info than I could ever hope to provide).
Actually, I think a different woman played bass on the Dale portion of their 3x "solo album" set, but she wasn't a permanent member of the band....

partial discography
10 Songs full-length (C/Z 1986)
Gluey Porch Treatments full-length (Alchemy 1986)
Ozma full-length (Boner 1989)
Bullhead full-length (Boner 1991)
Eggnog EP (Boner 1991)
Your Choice Live Series Vol. 12 live record (Your Choice 1991)
Lysol full-length (Boner 1992)
3x "solo album" set (Boner 1992)
Houdini full-length (Atlantic 1993)
Prick full-length (Amphetamine Reptile 1994)
Stoner Witch full-length (Atlantic 1994)
Stag full-length (Atlantic 1996)
Honky full-length (Amphetamine Reptile 1997)
The Maggot/The Bootlicker/The Crybaby trilogy (Ipecac 1999/2000)

further reading
Official Melvins website (which will be finished "soon").

Huge amount of info, nicely organized - I love fan pages.

yes indeed
The Lorax really is Shirley Temple's daughter. The world is odd.

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