SF bay area, California, USA

the band
Lori Black (later Melvins): bass
David Duran: vocals
Mark Deutrom: guitar
Justin Clayton: drums

partial discography
Circus of Chaos LP (Alchemy 1985)

stolen opinion
Loser from Short Fast + Loud zine says Clown Alley were "awe-inspiring crossover," further noting that "crossover" in this case is the classical metal-punk crossover, a la Crumbsuckers and DRI and stuff, not whatever "funk, reggae, hip-hop, jazz and other fucked up shit" is called crossover these days. Duly noted.

you may be interested to know
...that Clown Alley is the name of a hamburger restaurant in North Beach, in San Francisco, which is maybe where Clown Alley got their name. Or maybe they were just trying to be scary. I can't really think of anything scarier than meeting a clown in an alley.

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