New York, New York, USA

the band
Rachel Rosen (also Milhouse, later Most Precious Blood, The Wage of Sin): guitar (1997?-2000)
Justin Brannan (later Most Precious Blood): guitar
Pat Flynn (later Most Precious Blood): drums
Steve Bago: bass
Tom Sheehan (later Most Precious Blood): vocals (1993-1998)
Artie Phillie: vocals (1998-2000)

partial discography
Indecision 7" (Released Power 1995)
Believe 7" (Too Damn Hype 1995)
split 7" with Shutdown (Back Ta Basics 1995)
Samaritan 7" (Positive Face 1996)
Unorthodox full-length (Exit 1996)
split 7" with Sons of Abraham (Exit 1997)
split 7" with Indifference (City Lights/12:05 1997)
1998 tour 7" (variously called Heroes and Conspiracies, Accidental Death and Dismemberment Clause, Confessions of a Medical Examiner, Cash Rules Everything Around Me, and Dead Men Do Tell Tales - all same rekkid, kids) (self-released)
Smash Tradition split with Knuckledust (Household Name 1998)
Most Precious Blood full-length (Exit 1998)
The Fall of Every Man split with Shai Hulud (Crisis/Revelation 1998)
A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall singles coll (Released Power 1998)
To Live and Die in New York City EP (Exit 1998/Jawk 1999)
To Starve and Steal in New York City 7" (Japan, Denied a Custom 1999)
To Starve and Steal in New York City 7" (UK, Household Name 1999)
Release the Cure full-length (MIA 1999)
split 7" with Walls of Jericho (Undecided 2000)
The Curse live CD (Kerosene, forthcoming)
two tracks on Harder They Come Harder They Fall comp (Released Power 1996)
three tracks on East Coast Assault II comp (Too Damn Hype 1996)
one track on From the Ground Up comp (Eyeball 1996)
one track on All About Friends comp (Point Furthest from the Middle/Hardcore Maniacs 1997)
one track on Definitely Not the Majors comp (Bush League 1997)
two tracks on New York's Hardest 2 comp (Black Pumpkin 1997)
one track on Incompatible #1 comp (Punk Uprisings)
one Milhouse cover on NY Catheter Crew coll 7" (Motherbox 1998)
two Fear covers on Punk Rock Jukebox #2 coll (Blackout! 1999 or 2000)

further reading
The band's own very thorough webpage - a huge amount of info, including notes on all their releases. Dang. If all bands were this thorough, I'd be redundant....

Beautifully designed fanpage - I dunno what it is with all the super arty hardcore kids, but I like it.

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