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Dayton, Ohio/Seattle, Washington, USA

the band
Mia Zapata: vocals
Joe Spleen: guitar
Steve Moriarty: drums
Matt Dresdner: bass

partial discography
Private Lubs tape (self-released 1988)
Frenching the Bully album (C/Z Records 1992)
Spear and Magic Helmet 7" (Empty Records 1992?)
Precious Blood 7" (Big Flaming Ego 1992?)
Second Skin 7" (Broken Rekids 1992?)
"Guilt Within Your Head" on Home Alive: the Art of Self-Defense coll (Sony 1993)
Enter: the Conquering Chicken album (C/Z Records 1993)
Kings and Queens (Private Lubs CD rerelease) (Broken Rekids 1994)
Seafish Louisville live album (Broken Rekids 2000)

further reading
Page-in-progress with band history, reviews, even some MP3s!

Small Gits/Mia page with a few good links.

The Gits in the All Music Guide.

Seattle heavy rawk band circa 1992 - heaven only knows how the Gits avoided a lucrative record contract, international superstardom and a big ol Grunge tattoo on their collective forehead. It's a damn shame nobody knows about them, cos their song "Second Skin" might be the best rock song ever.

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