1978-1988, 1992-

the band
Kim McAuliffe (ex-Painted Lady): guitar, vocals
Enid "Di" Williams (ex-Painted Lady, later Avanti, Framed): bass (1978-1982, 2000-)
Kathy Valentine (later the Go-Go's): guitar (1978)
Kelly Johnson: guitar, vocals (1978-1983, 1995)
Denise Dufort: drums
Gil Weston-Jones: bass (1982-1987)
Cris Bonacci (ex-She): guitar (1983-)
Jackie (Jacqui) Bodimead (ex-She): vocals, keyboards (1983-1985)
Tracey Lamb (ex-She, Rock Goddess): bass (1987-1988)
Jackie Carrera (ex-Flatmates): bass (1992-)
Jackie Chambers: guitar (2000-)

partial discography
Take It All Away single (City 1978)
Demolition full-length (Bronze 1980)
Hit and Run full-length (Bronze 1981)
St. Valentine's Day Massacre EP w/Motörhead (as Motorschool and Head Girl) (1981)
Play Dirty full-length (Bronze 1983)
Running Wild full-length (Mercury 1985)
Nightmare at Maple Cross full-length (GWR 1986)
Take a Bite full-length (1989)
Girlschool full-length (Progressive 1992)
Girlschool: LIVE live record (1995)

further reading
Thee Official Girlschool Webpage! Dig the flames! Hella info.

party trivia
Denise Dufort is the sister of Dave Dufort, who played drums for Angelwitch. I wonder if they took lessons together....

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