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Tokyo, Japan
aka The Gaia

the band
Gana: voice
Yumirrin: guitar
Jhappy: bass
Luzy "Tattoo Baby": drums

partial discography
Kick Up Ass! full-length (Sunshine Sherbet 1994)
split 7" EP with Dead and Gone (Prank 1996)
This One full-length (Sound Pollution 1997)
777 1991-1997 singles collection (Sound Pollution 1998)
eight songs on the amazing Women's Liberation comp (Selfish 1994)

stolen from the Sound Pollution catalog
I wish I had more info about em than this....

About 777 (1991-1997):
"Collection of songs by Tokyo greats. Includes the Women's Liberation tracks, songs from 7"'s, comps., and a few you've never heard. Covering all the energy and enthusiasm from 1991-1997. 17 tracks of why they were one of the best bands of the 90's!"

About This One:
"Legendery all woman Japanese punk band. 1/2 studio recorded other half excellent live recording at Gilman on their CA. tour. Awesome high energy HC!"

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