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Huskvarna, Sweden

the band
Hedda: bass
Hoccy: drums
Patrik: vocals
Steve: guitar

partial discography
demo 1988
split 7" with Filthy Christians (GoreCore 1988)
Far Out 7" (Finn 1989)
Masterpeace 7" (Elderberry 1990)
B Out of Reach 7" (Sound Pollution/Elderberry 1992-3)
Flashbacks discography CD (Sound Pollution)
two tracks on Really Fast Vol. 4 coll (Fast 1988)
two tracks on H.C. for the Masses coll (Uproar 1989)
"Sally" on Bleeeeaaaurgh coll. (Slap a Ham 1991)
"Advent" on Civilasionens Bakgard 7" coll. (Elderberry 1991)

a note
Carl of I Love a Parade, whose old band His Hero is Gone once toured with someone who played in G-ANX, reports that the name (being Swedish) is pronounced more like "yonks" than like "gee-anks" or "ganks." Also it apparently means "pregnant duck," but I'm a little dubiouser on that one.

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