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formerly Détente

the band
Dawn Crosby (ex-Allies, First Attack): vocals
Michael Carlino: guitar (1991-1992)
Steve Cordova: drums (1991)
Blair Darby: bass (1991-1992)
Robert Ian Michael: bass (1992-1994)
Randy Bobzien: guitar (1992-1994)
Chris Kalandras: guitar (1993-1994)
John Grden: drums (1992-1996)
Dave Smadbeck: keyboards (1994)
(there are a huge number of other people who were in FoG - see webpage below for full details)

partial discography
"Betrayed"/"Emily" single (Warner Bros. 1991)
Within the Veil full-length (Warner Bros. 1991)
Demo '92 (1992)
Demo '92 (1992) (yep, there were two of them)
Toxic Voodoo full-length (Pavement 1994)
Killing the Pain cassette EP (Bethany 1995)
"Worms" on Road Kill Vol. 1 coll (Pavement 1995)

further reading
The official webpage. Mountains of info. Go read.

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