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the band
Jean Millington: bass, vocals
June Millington: guitar, vocals
Nicole Barclay: keyboards
Alice De Buhr: drums

partial discography
Fanny LP (Reprise 1970)
Charity Ball LP (Reprise 1971)
Fanny Hill LP (Reprise 1972)
Mother's Pride LP (Reprise 1973)
Rock 'n' Roll Survivors LP (Casablanca 1975)

Fanny were (arguably) the first all-female heavy band (at least, I don't know of any earlier) (cept Birtha, whose heaviness is more questionable, though they certainly rocked). Fanny hardly sounds heavy now (kind of like Sabbath, who also started around 1970), but back in the day when men were rockstars and girls just squeezed their lemons, it must've been quite something to come across a bunch of gals rockin out (particularly sans the usual obligatory male backing band).

A few lineup changes in their history (Suzi Quatro's sister was in the band for awhile?) but I don't know details.... Do you?

the word from Alice herself (!)
"Patti Quatro was brought in after June quit. She was such a lesser talent, that it made my decision to leave the group easier.....in hindsight...a mistake, but I can say that 20+ years later. Also, Birtha was not before Fanny. They were around the same time, a little later, playing the bars of L.A. Fanny was already recording or had released the 1st album"

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