Osaka, Japan

the band
Kyoko Moriya: guitar
Kaori Okumura: bass/vocals
Tamami Ohkado: drums

partial discography
"Vanish Your Being" and "OH Die! OH!! Choose Die!" on Hardcore Marathon 1996 Osaka coll (Tag Rag 1996)
Father's Golden Fish album (Rotten Orange 1996)
Spot Remover album (Rotten Orange/Howling Bull 1998)
Build and Destroy album (upcoming)

further reading
I had the YMG page on Howling Bull's website linked here, but then Howling Bull went and died. So I looked for a fan page, a review of one of the records to link, anything - but I couldn't find anything that didn't mention how cute the band is, or compare them to Shonen Knife (even just to say "they don't sound like Shonen Knife"). Quel tedious. You know of a sensible review or a good fan page? You clue me in.

Rapidfire catchy hardcore-metal songs about french toast, growing a tail, conservation.... The coolest band ever to share a bill with Limp Bizkit. I love YMG so much!

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