Seattle, WA, USA

the band
Michelle: vocals
Jim: bass
Brendan: drums
Dave: guitar
Rick: guitar
Dan Hammereschmidt: guitar (1993-1994)
Mike Doody: drums (1994-1995)

partial discography
Who's Screwing Who? demo cassette (self-released)
It's a Corporate World After All 7" (Un-Yelliman)
split 7" with Toxic Narcotic (Rodent Popsicle/Un-Yelliman)
Your Alcohol Taxes At Work 7" (Sabotage Earth)
Burn Down Niketown split 7" with Mark Bruback (Outcast)
split 7" with Brother Inferior (Profane Existence)
one song on No Fate coll (H:G Fact)
at least one song on We are All Guilty coll (Outcast)
at least one song on Making Human Junk coll (Hybrid)
at least one song on 10 Things Zine Northwest CD Comp (10 Things)

further reading
Official W.O.R. site, maintained by Rick - seems to be still updated now and again, even though the band is on semi-permanent hiatus.

Fan site sporting official punk colorscheme (black white and red, duh), good pix, and an interview.

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