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Jackson Heights, New York, USA
circa 1988

the band
Yana Chupenko: vocals
Liz Brockland: guitar
Meryl Hurwick: guitar (1988-1989)
Ally Gamble: bass
Laura Marando: drums
Lisa Sharkin: guitar (1989-)

partial discography
Sumus Quod Sumus demo (self-released 1988)

bits and pieces
I got email just recently from a chap named Thomas Brockland, whose sister Liz is missing. No idea if it's the same Liz as was in Wench, but if you have any information on Liz's whereabouts, please contact Tom!

All the information I have on Wench was shamelessly pilfered from the Demolition column in Metal Forces #32 (Oct. 1988). Pat Prince writes the blurb:

"Wench is a New York 'all-girl' metal band that consists of Yana Chupenko (vocals), Liz Brockland (guitar), Meryl Hurwick (guitar), Ally Gamble (bass) and Laura Marando (drums). The roots of Wench stem from other various 'all-girl' bands in the New York City area. The demo Wench has to offer is promising material. Very powerful music that borderlines on the sound of thrash and holds conviction. The vocals of Miss Yana Chupenko did wonders for me, she has a good range and uses it well with the musical ability of the band. The outcome produces one helluva band. A definite band to look out for!!

All the songs shred in the Metal Church type vein. Standouts would have to be "Mercy" for its superb crunch riffs and "Cancer in Your Heart" for its out'n'out kick ass heaviness. Another mention is in order for "Die Crying" as well. A barrage of slow, doomy Candlemass riffs with a Metallica ("Fade to Black") atmosphere make the song interesting.

Fans of Metal Church, Metallica, or just kick ass power metal (why isn't this term popular anymore?) will simply love this to bits. You must write to these girls and don't miss out! Wench, PO Box 1242, Jackson Heights, NY 11372, USA."

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