Columbus, Ohio/Dayton, Ohio/Cleveland, Ohio/Savannah, Georgia, USA

the band
Sara Padgett
Adam Lowe (also The Last Plan)
Ryan Whalen
Adam Ritchey
Adam Heathcott

partial discography
split 7" with Racebannon (Troufion/Witching Hour)
6-song CD (Spiritfall 1999)
tour CD (self-released 2000)
4-song CD (Magic Bullet forthcoming)
split 7" with Bright Calm Blue (Magic Bullet forthcoming)
live-on-the-radio record (Magic Bullet forthcoming)
at least one track on Songs of the Dead 2 coll

further reading
The band's own webpage. The Flash version contains all the info, and has rows of charming little tumbling cubes, but I'm against Flash in an almost knee-jerk sort of way, so I looked at the HTML version first - less info, but a totally different look, very beautiful. Spectate them both; compare and contrast. God, what is with these designy hardcore kids? I love it so!

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