Tampa, Florida, USA

the band
Michelle Koger: vocals
Milton Chapman: guitars, horns, kazoos
Steve Kosiba: vocals, bass, kazoos
Brian Roberts: drums

partial discography
Scrotum Grinder 7" (Burrito 1997)
split 7" with Combatwoundedveteran (Burrito 1999)
The Greatest Sonic Abomination Ever full-length (Prank 2001)

further reading
Wot appear to be SG mp3s (!) - but with no accompanying info, bummer.

Review of the split with Combatwoundedveteran from Collective zine - it's halfway down the page, do the ctrl-f on "scrotum" and ye shall find.

barely useful capsule review
Like everybody else, I figured SG would be grindcore (I mean, duh). Mike thought maybe splatter or deathmetal but I figured nuh-uh, the band name is too self-deprecating for most of your all-boy death metal bands (who would have been called Ovary Grinder or something). But no, SG is hardcore with vague emoey touches, by which I mean it has eloquent, if occasionally vague, personal lyrics, smart packaging, and contains real passion. Hell of good.

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