San Francisco bay area, California, USA

the band
Chiyo: drums
Russ: guitar
Gary: bass, guitar, vocals
Matt: guitar (sometimes)
Al: bass (sometimes)

partial discography
Embraced by the Anti-Self 7" (Slap-a-Ham 1996)
split 7" with Agents of Satan (100 Years of Solitude 1996)
split 7" with Deadbodieseverywhere (Bovine 1997)
split 7" with Black Army Jacket (Reservoir 1997)
split 7" with Sloth (Dom's Records 1997)
split 7" with Corrupted (Reservoir 1997)
split 7" with Gasp (Clean Plate 1998)
split 7" with Wellington (Deep Six 1999)
Erode the Person full-length (self-released 1999)
"Gage" on Cry Now, Cry Later 4 2x 7" coll (Pessimiser/Theologian 1996)
"Derrel's Porno Song" on Accidental Decapitation Through Masturbation 7" coll (Satan's Pimp 1996)
"Alderaan" on Awakening coll (Dwell 1997)
"Encasing" on Reality Part #2 coll (Deep Six 1997)
"Oil Removed" on Hard Sound coll (Trainwreck 1997)
"Gage" on Fiesta Comes Alive coll (Slap-a-Ham 1997)
"Strawberry Shortcake and Friends Holding Hands and Going Around the Gazebo While Custard and Pupcake Watch" on Bllleeeaaarrggghhh!!! - A Music War! 7" coll (Slap-a-Ham 1998)
"Oil Removed" on Hymns for the Hearing Impaired coll (Bad People/Riotous Assembly 1999)
"Evazan" on Audio Terrorism Vol. 1 coll (Chaotic Noise/Satan's Pimp/Heartplug 1999)
"Derrel's Porno Song" on Menus With Manpower KDVS benefit coll (ALCD 2000)
"The Imperial Assault on Dr Evazane's Secret Laboratory, The Abduction of Ponda Baba, and the Subsequent Demise of Master Jedi John Panozzo" on Fear of the Nothing coll (Nothing Enterprises 2000)
"Procreation of the Wicked" (Celtic Frost cover) on Twin Threat to Your Sanity comp (Bad People/Riotous Assembly 2001)

further reading
The band's own webpage - the Spinal Tap-esque bio is pretty hilarious....

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